Posita clinical audiology kit

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Posita clinical audiology kit


Posita clinical audiology kit with stethoclip, is a great starter kit for new clinics, and students, or a convenient carry kit when travelling between clinics.

You may find this kit perfect for your current application or you have the option to extend its capabilities with a Heine otoscope. Please refer to the Heine Mini 3000 otoscope range selection guide below.

Posita basic audiology kit with stethoclip contains:

  • Flexible stethoclip with mushroon ear tips
  • Ear impression syringe: Professional style 3.5mm syringe for convenient use.
  • Ear impression practice kit: Contains model silicone ear, 3 ear impression material blister packs, 6 foam ear dams 11mm. The contents of this kit are intended for use with the model silicone ear and not in a real ear.
  • Heine specula 2.5mm (50 pieces)
  • Heine specula 4.0mm (50 pieces)
  • Hearing aid cleaning tool with magnet, brush & wax pick (1 piece)
  • Hearing aid brush & screwdriver (1 piece)
  • Hearing aid vent cleaner (1 piece)
  • Grason single use impedence tip Green 10mm (5 pieces)
  • Grason single use impedence tip Yellow 11mm (10 pieces)
  • Grason single use impedence tip Red 12mm (10 pieces)
  • Grason single use impedence tip Blue 13mm (5 pieces)
  • Grason single use impedence tip Green 14mm (5 pieces)
  • Ear light with two probes (2 x AAA batteries included)
  • Ear plugs - pairs (6 pieces)
  • Foam insert earphone tips - small (16 pieces)
  • Foam insert earphone tips - medium (16 pieces)
  • REM probe tubes (5 pieces)
  • Alcohol wipes (20 pieces)
  • Clear plastic compartment box: Made from virgin material - Random Co-Polymer. Tough, durable and convenient. Depth 195mm x Height 48mm x Width 157mm

Posita audiology kits are intended for use by or under supervision of qualified ear health care practitioners

Heine Mini 3000 otoscope range selection guide

A Heine Mini 3000 otoscope is optional with the Posita clinical audiology kit. The addition of a professional quality reliable otoscope will enhance your experience in audiology clinics.

HE10-1-1 MINI 3000 DIRECT D-001.70.210 Direct XHL Xenon Halogen 3x
HE10-1-2 MINI 3000 FO D-001.70.110 Fibre Optic XHL Xenon Halogen 3x
HE10-1-3 MINI 3000 FO LED D-008.70.110 Fibre Optic LED 3x

Light path:A fibre optic light path provides a wider field of view compared with a direct light path. This is because, with a direct light path, the light source protudes into the otoscope field of view. Whereas, with fibre optic, the light source does not block the field of view and the optic fibre carries the light.

Light source:The LED light source provides many advantages over the XHL xenon halogen light source. Compared to the XHL xenon halogen light source, the LED light source lasts longer with virtually unlimited working life up to 50,000 hours. The LED light source is twice as bright as xenon halogen instruments. Battery life with LED light source is longer compared with xenon halogen light source because LED requires less power.

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