Heine MINI 3000 FO otoscope D-001.70.110

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Heine Mini 3000 otoscope range selection guide

HE10-1-1 MINI 3000 DIRECT D-001.70.210 Direct XHL Xenon Halogen 3x
HE10-1-2 MINI 3000 FO D-001.70.110 Fibre Optic XHL Xenon Halogen 3x
HE10-1-3 MINI 3000 FO LED D-008.70.110 Fibre Optic LED 3x

Light path:A fibre optic light path provides a wider field of view compared with a direct light path. This is because, with a direct light path, the light source protudes into the otoscope field of view. Whereas, with fibre optic, the light source does not block the field of view and the optic fibre carries the light.

Light source:The LED light source provides many advantages over the XHL xenon halogen light source. Compared to the XHL xenon halogen light source, the LED light source lasts longer with virtually unlimited working life up to 50,000 hours. The LED light source is twice as bright as xenon halogen instruments. Battery life with LED light source is longer compared with xenon halogen light source because LED requires less power.

Mini 3000 FO otoscope

Modern pocket otoscope in a unique, compact design. Can only be used with the mini 3000 handle system.

  • Xenon Halogen bulbs for bright illumination and accurate colour rendering.
  • 20,000 ON / OFF switch cycles guaranteed.
  • Distal fiber Optic (f.O.) Illumination: reflex-free illumination of tympanum and ear canal.
  • Viewing window with 3x magnification and optimized casing surface for razor-sharp images and minimal reflection. Swivelling viewing window built into instrument.
  • Pneumatic testing of the tympanum mobility by using the insufflation port and an optional connector.
  • Attachment clip with integrated on / off switch. Switches off automatically when returned to the pocket.
  • Replaceable batteries. size AA, or optional rechargeable battery with mini NT table charger.
  • 2-piece handle and head. Easy to maintain, flexible. Compatible with other handles.
  • Award-winning design. Maximum quality with minimum dimensions.
  • Fiber Optic (f.O.) illumination
  • Port for pneumatic testing
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