Grason single use eartip IA series 9 mm (green)

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100 pieces per pack

Full range of sizes to suit paediatric to adult

Grason single use eartips IA range

An ear tip sample can be arranged to check fit with your equipment.

IA range Grason single use eartips are latex free, and provide cost-effective infection control, eliminating the need for cleaning or sterilizing.

IA range disposable eartips fit the following equipment:

  • Natus - Echo Screen

IA range disposable eartips may fit the following equipment (if unsure, then ask for a sample to try):

  • Amplivox - Otowave 102-1, 102-4, Otowave with Clear (Type 1) probe.
  • Interacoustics - Titan, IMP440, MT5, MTP, EP 25, Eclipse OAE with NEOPT probe, Eartip set BET55 Compatible
  • Madsen - Accuscreen
  • Maico - MI24, MI26, MI34, MI44, Easy Tymp, Race Car Tymp, OtoWave
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