Ultra dry aid kit with molecular sieve

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Posita Ultra Dry Aid contains molecular sieve, which aggressively removes moisture from surrounding air and the hearing aid. The molecular sieve strongly holds onto and traps moisture even in extremely dry conditions. Molecular sieve is far more efficient at removing moisture in dry surroundings than silica gel, which is a very commonly used drying agent. It is molecular sieve's ability to remove moisture in very dry conditions that makes it ideal for drying hearing aids. Eventually, the molecular sieve will become saturated with moisture and lose its ability to dry hearing aids. At this point, the indicator beads at the bottom of the Posita Ultra Dry Aid will begin to change from orange to green. When the indicator beads begin changing to green, order a new Posita Ultra Dry Aid.

  • Simple to use - place hearing aids into the jar, screw lid on firmly, then leave overnight.
  • Contains molecular sieve, which aggressively removes harmful moisture from hearing aids.
  • Indicator beads show when the Ultra Dry Aid is no longer protecting hearing aids from moisture.
  • Instructions on the outside of the jar.
  • Larger print instructions inside the jar with an explanation about how the Ultra Dry Aid works, which helps customers get the maximum benefit.
  • Light weight - no glass
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