Grason single use eartip IA series

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Grason single use eartips IA range

IA range Grason single use eartips are latex free, and provide cost-effective infection control, eliminating the need for cleaning or sterilizing.

IA range disposable eartips fit the following equipment:

  • Natus - Echo Screen

IA range disposable eartips may fit the following equipment (if unsure, then ask for a sample to try):

  • Amplivox - Otowave 102-1, 102-4, Otowave with Clear (Type 1) probe.
  • Interacoustics - Titan, IMP440, MT5, MTP, EP 25, Eclipse OAE with NEOPT probe, Eartip set BET55 Compatible
  • Madsen - Accuscreen
  • Maico - MI24, MI26, MI34, MI44, Easy Tymp, Race Car Tymp, OtoWave
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